Cerro Blanco America's highest dune !

Cerro Blanco, one of the highest dunes in the world, rises in the desert to more than 2,000 meters above sea level, history shows us that it was an Apu (sacred mountain) where native Nasca pilgrims with the purpose of making offerings and thank the water that reached the aqueducts. it is because under the hill there is a big bowl of water.
There is also evidence that some trapezoids point to the dune. which will make the walk to the dune a unique and interesting experience.
Why book this tour : 
  1. Overcome your Fears.
  2. Enjoy the heat and the amazing landscape of the desert of Nazca.
  3. Exercise your body mind and spirit.

Price: $80.00
NOTE: A minimum of 2 participants are required for this  tour. This tour offers you greater convenience and flexibility of time.

Cerro Blanco tour  is an adventure tour that combines trekking, wonderful scenery and a lot of fun. In order to do this trip easy and cool, it is necessary to leave early in the morning, an advisable time is around 4:30 am, before sunrise. Starting out at this time we will avoid the searing heat of the sun, and will truly enjoy our trek. Our driver and tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Nazca ore at Nazca flights
Prolongacion Los Maestros 580, office 2 module 2, Nasca 11401, Perú at the designated time and afterwards we will drive up towards the Andean slopes. After 30 minutes or so, we will reach the KM 28, a point from where we start the trek. We will walk first on a stony path, cover by cactus vegetation and other desert trees typical from this region. Our team follows usually a soft trail that makes the conquest of this huge dune easier. The hike is gentle at the beginning, and it gets a little tough once we reach the sandy slopes. It takes in total about 3 hours to get to the top. On the way we will be able to see unique sceneries of the Andes as well as whimsical dune formations all over the place. Once we have conquered the summit of Cerro Blanco we will take a break. Afterwards we will learn some safety techniques so that you can enjoy your ride safely. We will start to practice on the many little dunes that are at the top, so once we have practiced enough, we will jump off on the longest slope. The length of this slope is over 800 metres long, so a lot of fun should be expected. Once we have landed at the shore of Cerro Blanco, we will have to walk downhill for about 45 minutes, until a point, where our transfer back to town will pick us up. End of the tour.


  1. Pick up from your hotel in Nazca ore at Nazca flights
    Prolongacion Los Maestros 580, office 2 module 2, Nasca 11401, Perú
  2. Transportation to the Km 28.
  3. Sand boards.
  4. Emergency mobile phones.
  5. Loca guide / instructor.
  6. Drop off at your hotel at the end of the tour.


  1. Extras.
  2. Accommodation in Nazca.


  • 6 hours approximately.


  • 04:30 hrs. / 11:00 hrs.


  • Daily.


  • On this tour you must bring light clothing, as the weather in Nazca used to be very hot, especially in summer time (from December to March) when temperatures can reach 40º C / 104 ºF sometimes.
  • If starting this tour early it is advisable to wear a fleece and long pants as mornings are cold.
  • We suggest to bring sun block to avoid sun burning, a cap, a bottle of water and sun glasses.
  • Keep your camera in a zip-lock plastic bag to help protect it from sand.
  • Additional information:
  • All your personal information is required at the moment of your booking.
  • Confirmation of the excursion will be received at time of booking.
  • All tours are operated in English unless otherwise stated.