Chauchilla Cemetery

Nazca Local Tours. willl bring you to The Chauchilla Cemetery, 30km south of Nazca, It will satisfy any urges you have to see ancient bones, skulls and mummies. Dating back to the Nazca late civilization around AD 800, Grave robbers and archeologists evidenced the previous discovery of the Nazca civilization in the Nazca desert. Bodies of ancient Nazca people were preserved in the Chauchilla Cemetery. The arid climate of the region helped to preserve those bodies.

The Nazca Civilization had the habit of burying their people. Thanks to this practice, the Nazca people left almost untouched ceramics, colorful textiles, mummies, skulls and devices. Local thieves and tomb robbers were aware of this since the end of the XX century; the only things that they left behind on the desert were the mummies and minor belongings. The mummies are reorganized and exposed inside 12 underground tombs, though cloth fragments and pottery and bone shards still litter the ground outside the demarcated trail..

Nazca Local Tours

The ancient settlers of Nazca also had the custom of burying their people of fetal position and always facing towards the east and buried with their possessions possibly with some fantastic idea of being able to make use in some future near like many civilizations that flourished in the Southern Peru.

Why book this experience?

1. See and be amazed at this Chauchilla cemetery that contains mummies and archeological remains.
2. Enjoy the heat and the amazing landscape of the desert of Nazca

Price: $ 30.00 per person

NOTE: A minimum of 2 participants are required for this  tour. This tour offers you greater convenience and flexibility of time. ( LET US TO KNOW IF YOU ARE A SOLO TRAVELER)

Itinerary: You will be picked up from your hotel in Nazca ore at Nazca flights
Prolongacion Los Maestros 580, office 2 module 2, Nasca 11401, Perú and taken  for a sightseeing tour of Chauchilla Cemetery. A bilingual guide (English/Spanish) will accompany you on this tour.

We will start our tour first making a stop at the place where a master craftsman will give us a good explanation about the Nazca pottery to understand more about the iconography and also about how the ancient Nazca People made colorful and beautiful potteries.

Continuing our tour we will drive to the south of Nazca, following the Pan American route for about 21 kilometers and then we will make a detour over a rough road of 7 kilometers that leads to the archaeological cemetery of Chauchilla.

In the graveyard of Chauchilla we will visit several tombs containing ancient fragments of pottery and humans remains. And also our guide will show us tombs where people have not been to find out what are there.

Our customers will also take a sunbath enjoying a beautiful desert landscape.

At the end of the tour, you will be dropped back your hotel in Nazca.


1. Hotel pick- up and drop-off Roundtrip Transportation from select Nazca hotel ore at Nazca flights
Prolongacion Los Maestros 580, office 2 module 2, Nasca 11401, Perú

2. Private guide/driver (English-speaking)

3. Entrance Fees (S/. 8.00 per person)


-Meals & Beverages.


- 2½ hours


- Daily


- From:7:00 Hrs To 16:00 Hrs