Nazca and Palpa lines flight
nazca and palpa lines flight
nazca and palpa lines flight

Nazca and Palpa Lines 60 minutes Flights

Nazca and Palpa lines flight will make your trip to peru unique and intriguing!

The Lines of Palpa are figures that represent the Paracas civilization that date from the 700 A.C up to 200 D.C.

This civilization developed the greatest samples of polychrome textile art. Also,was one of the first human community to do cranial trepanations.

They purposely altered the cranial shape to make it longer whose purpose remains a mistery until today.

Nazca and Palpa Lines Flight will accompany you  1 hour. where you will visualize the 12 figures of the lines of Nazca + 10 figures pertaining to the Paracas civilization like: the Paracas family, the solar clock, the star, the traveler among others.


Why book this experience?

1. Flight over one of the most mysterious shapes and lines on earth.

2. The Nasca and Palpa lines were been designated a UNESCO world heritage.

Flight Price $ 200.00 per passenger (minimum 2 persons)

Flight Price: $210.00 per pasenger (June,July,August) "Make Sure to Fly over! Book in Advance - High Season"

Nazca and Palpa Lines Flight


Day Activity You will be picked up from your hotel in Nazca and taken in an air-conditioned vehicle to the aerodrome where you will board a light aircraft for a memorable Flight over Nazca and Palpa Lines. A bilingual guide (English/ Spanish) will accompany you on this tour.

This flight over the Nazca Lines and Palpa will cover the expanse of stony Nazca and Palpa desert,the surface of wich is scarred by gigantic drawings and geometrical shapes. The flight last exactly 60 minutes and is the best way to see these fascinating lines and figures.

It is one of the most incredible legacies that a culture has left behind and can be appreciated only from the sky to an altitude of 1500 feet.


1. Hotel pick-up and drop-off Roundtrip Transportation from select Nazca hotel.

2. If you are arriving from Arequipa or Cusco, just let us know the bus company name and the approx. time of your arrival to pick you up.

3. Bilingual guide (English / Spanish).

4. Projection of video about the Nazca Lines at the airport.

5. 60 minutes’ Sightseeing Flight over the Nazca lines


- Airport Tax (S/. 30.00 per persons)


- Daily Nazca Lines Flights from the Nasca Airport / Panamerican Road Km.450

First Departure time and Last Flight:

1. The flight are available from:7:00 hrs. to 14:30 hrs.

2. But flying during the morning is far preferable than fly in the afternoon.

Return time of your flight:

1. Low Season: the total operation for flights can take 2 hrs. (Sometimes there are short delays before the flight, meanwhile we will be able to watch a video film to get more information about Nazca Lines).

2. High Season: The exact departure of the flight would depend on weather conditions & air traffic, please remind we are in wintertime.

Additional Info about your Nasca flight:

1. This flight must be booked at least 4 day in advance of your travel date if your are going to do it through our website.

2. We will require certain information from you in order to book your classic flight over the nazca lines such as :

Participant's full names:
Passport numbers:
Exact weight:
Hotel address in Nasca:
Date of the Nasca and Palpa Flight:

Participant restrictions:

Participants weighing over 300 pounds (136 kg) must book an additional seat to accommodate weight restrictions.  and