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nazca flights tours

Nazca Lines Flights From Lima 2 Days / 1 Night - Tour Package

Nazca Lines Flights 

First of all, On the way to Our Nazca Lines Flights we will  pick you up from your respective hotel in Lima. and then, we will drive be  our main Panamericana road  to, Paracas. to, arrives at 7:30 am and,  also at   8:00 am we wil transfer you  to, the local Dock in Paracas. in order  to, furthermore, we will  board a propeller speed boat excursion to, the Ballestas Islands. in addition, as well Here you can spot sea lions and, seals. also, penguins. guano birds and, turtles (rarely found at this latitude). On the way to the islands. you will also see the, Candelabra, a 165-foot (50-meter) long sketching in the rock. which, experts believe is connected to the Nazca Lines. as well, Some researchers believe can be aligned to the Southern Cross constellation. and as well, The boat trip lasts approximately 2 hours.

10:30 hrs.

Once you have ended your boat excursion. in addition, you will have free time to take a look some souvenir stores and at the same time, be soprise with the local art. then, we will  continue our tour in order to, visit the Nationa Reserve of Paracas.

12:30 hrs. we will continue our trip towards, the south of the country. where, our  next stop will be Ica.  then, we will take  our lunch  at, the Mossone Restaurant in the Huacachina Oasis. this places is located just 01 hour from Paracas. here, in Ica we have the oportunity to do, some activities. depending of the  time. for example, we can ride dune buggy over the Sand dunes. or, if you prefer we can skip this crazy ride.  and, then replace it  for other tours. as, the distillery of Pisco or, the visit  to the Regional Museum. if, you are really interested in the Nasca Culture! (elongated skulls, as well Nasca pottery and also other products).

Nazca Lines Flights at:

16:00 hrs. Afterwards, we will continue our trip going to, Nasca. for 2 hours more and, depending time as well,  we will be able to stop in the metallic tower. in order  to, see 2 Nasca Lines figures aslo,  we can do this, on the way back to Lima .

Inclusions on this day:

  1. Pick up in Lima and,  Private Transportation from Lima to, Paracas  and, Ica  to, Nazca
  2. Your own english speaking driver and,  tour guide along the route.
  3. Ballestas Island Excursion by local speedboat by,  group service
  4. Private land  tour to, the Paracas Reserve.
  5. Visit in Ica to, one distillery or local wineyard this  is optional depend of, the time it could be moved to, the second day.
  6. Visit in Ica. the, Huacachina Oasis for lunch time this, not included meals .
  7. Dune buggy tour and, Sandboarding. this will be, a group service


  1. Meals and, accommodation in hotel

Day 2°: Flight Over the, Nazca Lines and, Land tour to, Chauchilla Cemetery

07:00 hrs Our customers are picked up from their hotel and, then are transferred to the local Nazca airdrome in order to,  do the flight over the Nazca Lines (better go with out taking breakfast) . We will understand deeply how, were made and, why, they did not dissapear. and,  as well what for. 09:00 hrs Ending our flight we will get back to, your hotel. where you will take a proper breakfast and then,   start with our Land tour to, Chauchilla Cemetery.

11:00 hrs. Approx. departure time from Nazca to, Lima Arriving around 7:00pm

End of, our service.

Inclusions on this, day:

  1. Pick up from the hotel and, transfer to, the, local airport of, Nazca.
  2. Your own english speaking driver and, tour guide
  3. Classic Flight over the, Nazca Line and, Airport taxes. (group service)
  4. Projection of, a video about the, Nazca Lines.
  5. Private Excursion to, Chauchilla cemetery and, Entrance fees.
  6. Departure from Nazca and, drive back to, Lima (6.5 hrs.)
  7. Arrival in Lima and, drop off at, your hotel.


  1. Meals
  2. Accommodation in Lima.


  1. 02 Days and, 01 Night

Daily Departure from Lima:

  1. 3:30 am or, time wished.


$410.00 Per person ( let us to know if, you are a solo traveler)

Important: a minimum of, 2 participants are required for, this, private tour. This, tour offers you greater convenience and, flexibility of, time.
Additional Info:
  1. This, tour must be booked at least, 1 month in advance of, your tour departure.

please bring camera and, binoculars


in the first place,  we are dedicated to, providing services that, leave beautiful memoriees again, including learning about ancient history moreeover. Especially about our culture and, as well, the mysterious Nazca lines.
For lovers of, ancient history and, as well, to ,the not so lovers.  for, those of, free spirit and, the adventurous.
We seek that, you not only enjoy the overflight to, the Nazca Lines. If not, you also, get contagious of, our passion for, ancient history and, at the same time, you also, awaken interest in ancient civilizations.


We believe travelling is the bes way to, grow up to, discover to, heal to, feel new experiences as human beings sharing knowledge and, culture.

We love Ancient History and, Rediscover Ancient knowledge.

Being curious about our origins and, ancient history brings us closer not to the truth but close to, it.

Keep Walking - Peru Nazca Flights 🙂

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